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Kristi’s Kids: Remembering Kelsey Luria (KVOA-TV)

(Courtesy: KVOA-TV)

When Kristi’s Kids met Kelsey Luria last December, she had just started her fight with acute myelogenous leukemia.  Her blood type is B positive.  This phrase soon became her mantra.

Through her fight with cancer, Kelsey said she was scared but strong. Kelsey just wanted to inspire and impact others through her B positive campaign. Kelsey envisioned a Wildcat win in the NCAA tournament, and she and nurse Kaitlyn Spradling created “Bear Down Tuesdays” for March Madness. This meant that every Tuesday, everyone at Diamond Children’s wore UA gear.

She was exhausted, but dedicated.

While she was in the hospital, a UA representative presented Kelsey with her college acceptance letter.  Kelsey would be a Wildcat, all she had to do was beat cancer.  Kelsey did beat cancer and was officially in remission, but tragically the very drugs used to kill the cancer, also destroyed Kelsey’s heart.

Kelsey Luria died Saturday night from a broken heart, six days after her 18th birthday.

Kelsey was lucky enough to have a couple photo shoots, with professional makeup done, after she lost her hair. She knew that most kids with cancer don’t have that luxury.  For this reason she started the Bald Beauties Project to provide those kids with the same opportunity.

To go to the Bald Beauties Project website click here.

Kelsey’s celebration of life will be held on Wednesday, April 22, at 4 p.m. at the Jewish Community Center.  Everyone is invited.

To see the full story, click on the video above.

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